Be our guest

As of October 1, 2015, Bruno della Torre and his wife Barbara are your hosts at the beautiful and traditional Hotel Kreuz. Bruno, a proficient cook and father of two girls was brought up in a hospitable place – his parents own a well renowned restaurant.


It’s that special spirit of genuine, living hospitality that makes your stay comfortable and at ease. The cozy atmosphere encourages to enjoy fine food, drinks, to feel at ease but also to explore culture and new tastes.


Bruno and Barbara della Torre with Anna-Lena and Nora



Bruno and Barbara della Torre, hosts

Vreni Eisele, Front Desk and Assistant Manager

Pippo Previti, Restaurant Manager

Stefan Kaufmann, Kitchen Executive Chef

Paulo Courginho, Restaurant team

Sandra Gander, Restaurant team


Yurij Vicari, Restaurant team

Diana Böttcher, Restaurant team

Kiia Autio, Restaurant team (in education)

Marten Ganswind, Vice Executive Chef


Genc Sokolaj, Kitchen staff


Beat Brück, Kitchen staff

Mario Mühlebach, Kitchen staff

Ali Razgui, Kitchen staff

Leonor Da Rocha, Kitchen staff

Sonia Ferreira, Housekeeping


Lumnije Vishaj, Housekeeping


Sandra Soares, Housekeeping


Brigitte Zimmermann, Housekeeping

Catia Oliveira, Housekeeping